As The Threaded Man I have always been an advocate for sufficient living. A lot of you Threaded Gents having been asking me about how you can quit smoking, not smoking as much or what fragrance to use to take away the smell. I am proud to say that I have found a solution that will help you to be more sufficient with your smoking habits.

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I have never been a smoker but every now and then I have a drag during social settings especially with clients but even then dealing with the smell is always a hassle. Last week I discovered Twisp, South Africa’s leading e-cigarette. I have been using a Twisp for a week and these are the benefits I have found:


Sleek Design 

I am currently using the new Twisp Edge which was launched along side the Solo, which is very slim and light and The Aero which is a good alternative to a cigar, its short and can give much more vapour. I opted for the Edge which has a much more fashionable approach, coated with silver metal all the way around. The finer details include the push down button which lights up to release the flavour, a small insert on the side to charge the battery, finished with a slick adjustable bottom to control the vapour. With this design approach there is no need to be carrying around a cigarette box, very effective for someone like me who travels a lot and buying cigs should be the least of your worries. Twisp is easily accessible – 54 Twisp stores nationwide and over 700 retailers


No Smell

The main reason that people dislike smokers is the smell and most of you have been asking me how to handle thiswith Twisp you no longer have to worry about that. Twisp has developed a wide range of flavours not only for your enjoyment but also in social settings you won’t smell like cigarettes. With the Edge I am able to adjust the volume of the vapour. Twisp offers a wide variety of flavours including a zero nicotine range which can help those who want to control their smoking habits.


Twisp has been innovative in bringing us the future of sufficient smoking. The new Twip range offers 3 unique designs to meet your needs and most importantly your personality. Discover the Twisp for your personality here:

Where you will be able to interact with different products through the videos and also find out how to win with Twisp.