Ah summer! Wonderful sunny days and warm nights – but most of the time you just feel like you are meltinnnnnggggg. As temperatures soar and thousands head off on holiday to make the most of the long, hot summer days, we bring you 5 tips to keep your cool in the heatwave without losing your Threaded Man style.


The Right Fabrics



Most people get hot and sweaty in summer due to the clothes they are wearing, not necessarily the heat. Most people choose the wrong fabrics in summer. Seasonally-appropriate fabrics such as cotton, linen and seersucker are better choices than man-made fibres because they allow the skin to breathe.


The Pit stop


In summer it is important to get the right deordorant. L’Oreal Men Expert’s Thermic Protect Deodorant is particularly handy in summer because it kicks in whenever you get hot – but how you apply them is crucial too. For antiperspirant to work it needs to be in contact with the skin, so it’s a good idea to remove all your armpit hair. Also after taking a shower, wait for your skin to dry before applying the antiperspirant.





Bacteria that causes smell thrive by living in your hair, so manscaping will not only help you smell better but you will feel fresher too. Use a body scrub twice a week to avoid the risk of ingrown hairs.


Sandle up


Stop wearing boots and give your feet a happy break in some cool sandals. They are right on trend this summer.


Summer Scents


Stay away from woody and musky scents during summer. It’s better to go for citrus based scents such as the Azzaro Chrome and the Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’issey Pour Homme.

Image : D&G Campaign