Whether we like to admit it or not, as men we dress to impress women. And we love it when they give us their thumbs up, because it makes us feel confident. You’ll find that in most relationships, a woman will dictate what her man wears. Well, for you single gents, don’t worry – I’ve supplied a quick guide on how she wants you to dress.

Confidence is Attractive

phu-kien-cho-nam-that-lungWomen love a man that can wear their attire with confidence, because that gives you style and character.


Trendy isn’t Appealing

rs_634x1024-150626100030-634.Mens-Street-Style-Paris.jl.062615Woman look for a man that is unique and can hold his own. It’s very important that you develop your own style; if you just follow trends you will end up looking just like everybody else.


Classic is Everything


When it comes to fashion, most gents tend to go overboard and it ends up looking a bit too much. Gents, my advice is that you focus on doing the basics well. A simple T-shirt, well-fitted jeans and boots can get you a long way.


Add Some Colour

ff30f82d0676f6f9ab3148a6cc3512c2Personally I’m not a huge one for colour, but I acknowledge that it’s cool to incorporate it into your accessories, so that the pop of colour helps you stand out.

Details are Important

tumblr_nybxsdMjZ91rl5myko1_500A lot of gents tend to struggle when it comes to small but important details. Women are crazy about details. They love a man who pays attention to his watch, smell and even the socks he wears. Make sure that with every outfit, you focus on the details.

Follow these steps gents and let me know if they make a difference.