The turtleneck is this winter’s hottest item to wear but some of the gents embracing this trend are doing it completely wrong. Here are some quick tips on how to rock the turtleneck.

Replace your shirt

IMG_2971One of the best ways to wear a turtleneck is with your suit or smart casual outfit. Just like a shirt and tie, the turtleneck gives you a very smart, refined and finished look – with the benefit of added warmth.


OuterwearSiya Beyile-139Don’t think that turtlenecks are only for layering or to be worn under jackets, they’re also perfect for outerwear, especially on a breezy day or in the evening. Nothing looks neater than a man wearing a tucked in turtleneck and jeans.


Explore different textures

Turtlenecks are very versatile and there are different types of jackets you can pair them with so don’t be afraid to play with texture. Wear your turtleneck with a suede, denim or even corduroy jacket.

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Images shot by : Austin Malema & Chisanga

Last Image : Lab Pal Zileri AW15