The 70s were an experimental and exciting time in men’s fashion. There was a progression from using traditional fabrics to more modern textures, and men started exploring different silhouettes. In the past two seasons international luxury brands, such as Coach and Tom Ford, have revived the 70s spirit and this style has been making an appearance on every runway this season. Before this trends gets big in South Africa, here’s The Threaded Man guide to getting it right.

Loosen UpTopman-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection

Pants in the 70s were all about flares – no bootleg or bell bottom styles. To get the right look your pants should be loose around the thigh area and tapered below the knee. The era of super skinny fitted pants is now over, but this doesn’t mean that tailoring goes out the window. To look good in your 70s-inspired clothes, they must be loose but still be in the right proportion to suit your body shape.

Pattern Up

Prints were huge during the 70s, especially floral designs. If you’re someone who doesn’t usually wear patterns, now is the time to add a bit of life to your wardrobe. When adding anything floral to your outfit, make sure you find a good balance as too many patterns in one look is kaleidoscopic overkill.

Your Hero PieceDavid Gandy by mike rolls

Fashion in this decade was driven by simplicity, with the addition of a few statement pieces. So, when it comes to putting together an outfit there are two rules to follow: don’t pick too many statement pieces and don’t wear too much of the same fabric. If your favourite 70s item is a suede jacket, don’t put on suede boots as well. You want to stand out for the right reasons – not the wrong ones.

To get that Threaded 70s look keep it simple and laidback.