You can never be the architect of your future if you don’t know your past. My past – my heritage – forms a very important part of who I am and it’s what inspires me the most.


I am a proud Xhosa man and I attended Wynberg Boys’ High School – to me both of these elements are steeped in tradition and both played a critical role in where I am today. I started The Threaded Man because I love my culture and I wanted to use clothes to shape my identity and express myself.


I have many ambitions for The Threaded Man, and one of the most important is to inspire modern African men to not only care about how they dress, but to also care about how they treat the women in their lives. My heritage upholds the practise of men being gentlemen, and I believe this forms a strong foundation in our society and helps build a better future.



Titan is a brand that is also driven by its heritage. It was formed in 1987, when its founders dreamed of creating a watch company that would boast unrivalled craftsmanship, whilst also being affordable. Titan has grown into the 5th largest watch manufacturer in the world, changing the way people view the culture of time.


As The Threaded Man, everything I put on has a story and a history, and that’s why I wear Titan. Not only because they have beautifully designed watches, but also because we share the same belief that men need to dress well, and we need to evolve and be champions of change in society, no matter if we come from Cape Town or Lagos.

This week I am wearing the Titan Moonphase watch and the outfit I decided on was black and preppy. The look is casual but has a formal element brought in with the tux blazer. It’s perfect for a summer date night or drinks after work.


How would you wear this Titan watch?


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