Words: Red Mosiane

Thato ‘TeeKay’ Mahapa is a 22 year-old law student & blogger based in Johannesburg. His blog, The Bearded Muse, is focused on menswear, grooming, and lifestyle content. He aspires to create a platform that serves as creative inspiration for the aspiring dapper gentleman.

We asked him to share a few tips on how he maintains his clean and sophisticated aesthetic. He shared a few tips based on his own grooming regimen.

What are 3 skin care products you can’t live without?

TeeKay: Sunscreen, a Charcoal Mask and as of late, Anti-age Recover Cream for “the morning after the night before”.

What is your daily or weekly skin care routine that you try to adhere to?

TeeKay: In the mornings, I wash my face and apply a day cream and/or sunscreen (depending on the weather that day). In the evenings, I wash my face again then use a toner followed by a serum. I also try to make sure I use a charcoal mask 3-4 times a week.

How do you take care of your hair and maintain your signature beard?

TeeKay: I make sure I get a haircut once or twice a week, depending on what’s on my itinerary. Then I use Olive Oil Sheen spray for shine and moisture. I also keep Coconut Oil-based hair food that I use about twice a week. I maintain my beard with Beard Oil, Beard Balm and shampoo from Dear Beard.

Recommend any beauty tricks that have helped you and others you know.

TeeKay: I have a few actually:

  • Get a skin, hair and nail supplement from Vital (available pretty much everywhere)
  • A hectic detox every 3 months will really improve your skin
  • Tea Tree oil from The Body Shop works great for dark marks on your face
  • Alternatively, buy lemons (not lemon juice) and squeeze some of its juice onto cotton wool then apply on your skin twice a day
  • Slices of potato under your eyes for about 15 mins (then wash off) works great for those eye bags.

Since putting more effort into taking care of your skin & hair, what’s a lesson you’ve learned that you think other people should know?

TeeKay: It takes a fair amount of time and effort to get good skin/hair so once you get a good routine, be patient. And yes, it’s true, water and a decent diet help a lot. You can use the most expensive products but if you don’t drink water and your diet is trash, your skin wont peak.