Whether it’s your anniversary, a Valentine’s Day dinner or you’re going on a first date – the one thing you worry about the most is how you look. Bad breath, oily skin and body odour can let you down, but as The Threaded Man – I’ve got your back. Here are some tips that have always worked for me.

Fresh breath is a deal-breaker

Let’s get serious for a moment, no one – especially the lady you’re on a date with – wants to speak to a person with bad breath. I first brush my teeth using Sensodyne all white toothpaste and then, just to be safe, I also use a mouth wash. Put some mints in your pocket so that you can have fresh breath after your meal, and you boost your chance of an after-dinner kiss.

Beard maintenance
Thanks to the hippie trend, beards have become a popular feature over the past few years, but even though you’re growing whiskers – don’t get lazy – maintenance is important. Look after your facial fuzz with regular washing and conditioning, and keep it looking neat by brushing it with a beard comb. For beard care we suggest you use the Bonafide Beards All Natural Beard Oil.


Have lips worth kissing
Lips don’t have oil-producing glands, so they’re prone to chapping and dehydration. Give them some attention by applying a flavour-free lip balm like Aesop’s Protective Lip Balm or Lab Series’ PRO LS Lip Tech Lip Balm. Not only will a balm keep your smackers soft and supple, but it will make them a whole lot more kissable.


Take the shine off
Men’s skin is thicker, has more collagen and is oilier than women’s skin, and this is why we need products designed specifically for us. The last thing you want on a date is to have a shiny patch on your forehead, especially as stress can trigger oil production. One way to deal with oily skin is to use the Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash and Cream, which you can buy at Stuttafords. These products will hydrate skin while keeping it shine-free.

Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash 100ml

Smell your best
You’ve got the threads and your skin is looking awesome, now it’s important to make sure you smell good. This is the perfect example of less is more because you don’t want to overpower her, but you want a subtle fragrance to get her attention and make her cosy up to you. My favourite fragrance is Dunhill Black, which has a nice undertone of musk – it’s available at Edgars and leading fragrance shops.
We’ve armed you with top tips for your next date night, so good luck and be on your best Threaded Man Game!