Men who choose not to grow a beard have an ongoing daily battle with shaving. What makes this struggle worse is having the wrong tools and not knowing the proper technique. Say goodbye to shaving cuts and bad rashes, and get the look you want the first time around, with these Threaded Man grooming tips.

Shower First


Most men will get shaving nicks because their skin is not supple or because their beard is hard. What’s the solution? Shave in the shower. The steam and hot water will open up your pores and soften your beard, making it far easier and less painful to shave. Make things interesting by asking your girlfriend to give you a hand.

The Right Razor

flex range one

If there was a 101 for shaving, the first thing it would tell you is that you need a sharp razor. When the blade is blunt it will hurt you and leave you with a rash.

To get the right razor you also have to decide between electronic and disposable. Personally, I feel that electronic razors are a mission. Not only are they expensive but they also die very quick, especially when you’re travelling.

I’ve recently discovered the BIC Shavers Flex Range, which has a choice of shavers, depending on what you’re looking for. For me, the best is the Flex 4 Comfort because the blades are adjustable, meaning that it moves with the shape of my face.

Also, all the shavers have lubricated blades, making sure that you are ultra-smooth after your shave. It’s affordable, hassle-free and easy to use.

The Foam

A young man shaving in the mirror

A young man shaving in the mirror

As men we believe that women are the ones with sensitive skins, but actually that’s us too! This is easy to see when you shave and your skin becomes extremely irritated. One key way to help with this discomfort is by using the right foam. Choose a product that is soap-free and has the lubricating property of a cream.

Whether you love beads or hate them, during the hotter summer months you’ll probably be shaving a whole lot more than you did in winter. Follow these tips and shaving will be easier, you’ll look your best and your girlfriend will love the ultra-smooth result.

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