You want to buy a new fragrance, but when you head to the shop and stand in front of a wall of bottles you’re completely overwhelmed by smell and choice. What do you do?

Choosing a fragrance should be fun but more often than not it’s actually quite stressful. That’s why I’ll be writing a post every two weeks, featuring one of my favourite new scents. This week we start with Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Yellow, a fragrance inspired by the yellow Lacoste polo shirt.

The fragrance smells fresh, fruity and citrusy, and it immediately fills me with optimism and positive energy. What I love most about this Lacoste fragrance is the fact that you can put it on after gym but also before going out on a date.
Just remember that scents will smell different on every Threaded Man, so here’s to finding your fragrance and smelling good!

Pictures by : Alessio La Ruffa