I’m all for beards, but in the heat of summer I think our hairy brethren should shave! Having a hair-free face is going to keep you cooler but it can be tricky finding the right shaver, especially for men with sensitive skin. I have found the solution!
The BIC Flex 5 Shaver has 5 flexible blades that adjust to the contours of your face. To make sure that your shave is smooth and that your skin is nourished while shaving, the blades are lubricated with a lanolin and Vitamin E strip. For extreme comfort, the body of the shaver has a balancing sphere and it’s finished with rubber to make sure that you are in control of your shave.

I’ve been using the BIC Flex 5 Shaver for about 2 months now and my shaves have never been better smoother. I also suffer from eczema and while other shavers cause extreme skin irritation, I haven’t had any problems with the Flex 5 Shaver.

As you Threaded gents know, I’m a firm believer in affordability and so you can get the BIC Flex 5 Shaver for about R50, depending on the store you get it from.

Don’t forget gents that it’s better to shave in the morning and in the shower, as your pours are open and your skin is softer. This will make your shave a walk in the park!