Nothing in your wardrobe is more important than your denims and tees, as they’re the most versatile pieces in fashion. Today we’re going to give you a few quick tips on how to pick the right T-shirt.

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The crew neck

When it comes to the T-shirt style most men wear, it’s undoubtedly the V-neck. But this style doesn’t actually work well for every man because it doesn’t sit comfortably on the shoulders or frame the neck properly. Try the crew neck and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with the result.

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The right fit

T-shirts that have a loose fit are currently on trend, but we’re firm believers in the classic fit. A T-shirt that is well fitted should sit right against the torso, not higher than your hips, while the sleeves should be higher than halfway up your upper arm.

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The type of material the shirt is made from is also important, not only for comfort but also because you want to play with different textures in your outfit. We recommend that you go for a cotton tee because of its durability.

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When it comes to colour, always go for something versatile. We really like grey, white and black tees because they happily match everything you wear.

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