Every season brings with it new trends and while it’s tempting to follow suit, it’s important that you never lose your personal style. With every trend, have the backbone to know what works for you – and what doesn’t.

That said, we want you to look inside your cupboard and if have any of these items, we think it’s high time you consider making a clothes donation…

Drop Crotch Joggers


Drop crotch joggers reached their peak in 2014, when they were embraced by high-end designers such a Rick Owens. Looking back at this trend, I really don’t know how it became so popular. As a grown man it looks – at least to me – like you are wearing a nappy. I’ll admit that there were a few people who actually managed to make this trend look good, but it’s now time to say goodbye and settle for normal joggers.

Bucket Hats


We love the 90s revival trends as they brought back bomber jackets and oversized tees, but with it came the bucket hat. Now I know that it was a critical part of South Africa’s Kwaito culture in the late 80s and early 90s, but as a Threaded Man you can’t wear a bucket hat if you want to be taken seriously. When you’re looking for headwear, rather settle for a classic wide brim hat.

Heavily Printed Tees


You can’t be a grown man in 2015 and still wear a graphic T-shirt, unless you spend all day playing video games! Rather stick to simple tees or ones with a bit of writing, but don’t wear elaborate designs. When it comes to fashions, it’s important to understand when something is too much.

Now gents, it’s time to say goodbye to these items and get yourself on the road to becoming a Threaded Man.

Do you agree with me or are you hanging on to your nappy pants for another season? Join the Threaded Man conversation and share your comments…

Cover Picture by : Keagan Kingsley