When it comes to being a Threaded Man, it’s not just about looking stylish, it’s also about how you look after your threads. Some men seem effortlessly fashionable, and often their secret is simple: they have an organised wardrobe. When your clothes cupboard is neatly arranged you can plan your outfits properly and keep your clothes in mint condition. Here is The Threaded Man’s guide to organising your wardrobe.

Get Organised


Your first step is to get back to basics and divide your clothes into different categories, such as work, casual and sportswear. This makes it easier to find an outfit for a specific setting or event. Your next move is to break down each category into colours, and this can be applied to your shirts, jeans, pants and shoes.

Shoe Sorting


You’ll be surprised how much longer your shoes last when you look after them. Invest in shoe shelves and then separate your formal shoes from your sneakers. Leather shoes should always be kept in shoe bags. Have a small towel handy and use it to wipe your shoes before you wear them.

Your Kit

When you hang your clothes, one of the most important things to remember is to avoid wire hangers, as these reshape your clothes. Wooden hangers are expensive but they’re definitely worth it. Again, it’s important to separate your hanging clothes, so keep all your shirts on one side of the rail, and your jackets on the other. Also, I recommend getting yourself a steamer so that you can quickly steam an outfit before you wear it.

These three steps are simple, but they make a huge difference to how you look. Apply them to your wardrobe now and you won’t be scrambling for an outfit before a big meeting or your next date. Tell us how you organise your wardrobe by tweeting us @TheThreadedMan.