Words: Aluwani Ratshiungo | Images: Highsnobiety

One of the latest fad in high fashion is distressing clothes. This trend is not new at all; some of you probably tore most of your t-shirts back in the day but as we all know, fashion comes and goes in cycles.

Luxury footwear brand, Golden Goose was met with social media backlash in late 2016 for selling pre-distressed sneakers that were so (faux-)worn they had duct tape on them and the laces looked like they were about to snap. Some people even called it poverty appropriation but fashion houses couldn’t be bothered and it doesn’t look like this trend is going anywhere anytime soon. Distressed clothes are all the rage and if the new Gucci sneakers – released as part of the recent cruise 2018 Spring/Summer collection complete with scuff and grime – are anything to go by, distressed sneakers are also catching on.

The streets continue to influence the fashion industry and designers continue to tap deep into people’s personal sartorial flair for inspiration season after season. This is also the case with sneakers; we all know someone (or are that someone) with sneakers so dirty and worn out they look like they came out the trash. Fashion houses obviously caught on to what’s happening on the streets and decided to capitalise on it.

Instead of waiting for your sneakers to wear out, why not just buy them worn out? Or would you rather opt for a more natural and gradual wear and tear process?


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