Frequent flying is something that many Threaded Men do on a regular basis. Between meetings, weekends away and long-stay business trips in different cities and countries, figuring out what to wear to the airport, and how to stay comfortable during a flight, can be the last thing on your mind. But it shouldn’t be.

Much of the success of your airport style depends on the kind of bags you’re using. No one wants to look great but have five different bags and straps ruining your well curated outfit. To help you out we’ve narrowed down the best travel bags for men with style, and we show you how to use these bags as accessories and carriers.

    1. The Backpack


As one of the most functional kinds of travel bag, the backpack will always be trendy. Keep the colour neutral by sticking to black, browns, blues and dark greens – these will lift any kind of look. Use your backpack to bring some sports luxe to your comfortable jeans and T-shirt, alternatively go with leather and add that chic element to your sporty look.

    1. The Wheeled Luggage Bag


Extended stay travelling can be tricky to dress for. Firstly, think about what you’ll be doing just after you land and plan the outfit around that. Secondly, take into account the weather forecast of your destination and pack accordingly. Once you have that down, it should be simple to pick your clothing items. The wheeled bag is perfect for any kind of outfit, whether it’s a suit, a bomber or joggers.

    1. The Briefcase



Intercity flying for meetings is where gents can flex their full airport swag, so bring out the suit and cuff links. Other styles that can work are the prep look or a casual option with a blazer to spruce it up. The convenience of a briefcase is that it accommodates all your essential items like a laptop, tablet or notebook, so you don’t have to carry these on your person. A cellphone bulging from your tailored pants quickly creates an unbalanced look.

    1. The Duffel Bag

t1101y-wang_feat1_1This hand-held is the ultimate “got-to-go-NOW” bag. With your sneakers, chinos and sunglasses to accessorise, you can grab your bag and go. When you have a hand-held you can’t wear pants that are too baggy, so rather opt for a fitted or tailored straight leg cut. Also, your sleeves can’t be too long so they go past your knuckles. Keep it clean and watch the cuts.