Chad Saaiman is one of South Africa’s premier R&B singers, recently releasing his latest single ‘Loving you is easy’. Chad is also known for his great style, having won GQ’s best dressed in the past. We caught up with Chad to get some hair and style tips.

What is your hair regime?

Chad Saaiman: I wash my hair most days and after drying, I add some Hair Food, as well as Marula Hair and scalp oil. I finish it off with some wax for the hold and curl.

You had dreadlocks for a long time. What made you cut them off?

Chad: I felt that it was time for a change. As an artist, you are constantly evolving – including your look. I wanted to move forward after having the locks for 8 years.

As a musician how do you deal with the pressure of constantly having to change your look?

Chad: My style and approach to fashion is somewhat conservative, with an edge. I would call it Urban-European. So I move with the times and flirt with trends ahead of fully embracing them. Style ahead of fashion. With saying that, I’ve made sure that there’s not too much pressure with regards to evolving.

How important is the match between your hairstyle and outfit?

Chad: It’s quite important. Because there’s character to my hairstyle, it allows me to tone down my outfits. It’s a great accessory.

What are the best Men’s hair products out there right now?

Chad: The Lock Stock & Barrel Ruck Matte Putty, L’oréal Stule Rework remix fibre putty and the Scar Dark Argan Oil.

Get Chad Saaiman’s Loving You is easy on iTunes now.