Wolf & Maiden and Bisquit Cognac have collaborated to create a limited edition range of items, perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity of design and the sophistication of superior quality. The range has been specifically produced for Bisquit Cognac and represents the time-honoured heritage and handcrafted technique of both brands. These beautiful leather pieces are only gifted to select members of the Bisquit Cognac Connoisseurs society.

The Threaded Man Leather-3

The collaboration between the two brands should come as no surprise. Wolf & Maiden and Bisquit Cognac have successfully positioned themselves in the luxury category and both exude a fine legacy of craft and heritage. These stylish and meticulously sculpted brands connect generations through the richness of the stories they tell, the memorable impressions they leave and the longstanding traditions they embody.

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Founded in 1819 in southern France, the House of Bisquit Cognac was born from the philosophy of one man – Alexandre Bisquit. Bisquit Cognac consists of an authentic range of award-winning cognac variants: V.S, V.S.O.P and X.O, and prides itself on its rich taste and heritage. The traditional handcrafted distillation method used to create the silky smooth cognac has been passed down over hundreds of years.

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Wolf & Maiden prides itself on Crafted Heritage. Made from sustainable natural materials of the highest quality, each of their fine handcrafted products is designed to luxuriously evolve with its owner, fusing flawless functionality with timeless beauty.

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Through a time-intensive method of entirely hand staining and hand stitching, with full attention to detail, the master craftsmen meticulously sculpt and assemble each one of their creations. As they gain value, richness and texture with age, Wolf & Maiden products connect generations through the sumptuous legacy of the stories they tell. Like a superb cognac, their products are designed to improve with time