All major cities have their iconic bars whose names are known far and wide. But, sometimes the best place for an afterwork drink or weekend celebration is your home. Wouldn’t it be great if the comfort of home was as trendy as one of those iconic city bars as well.


We chatted to Megan Bond from OBJEK (Architecture and Interiors) who shared some ideas on how every Threaded Man can be greeted at the door with a “cold one” from their very own bar.


However, before you start moving things around to make space for your little piece of luxury you need to make sure that you find the right space.


“This really depends on the size of your home, and how you intend on using your bar – whether it’s day or night entertaining or both, says Bond. Usually a home bar is located in the social hub of your home, near the kitchen or a part of your living/dining area.”

Bond advises that you should also remember that the proportions and the ergonomics of your bar are important. “Barstools should be comfortable and suited to the height of the bar. Lighting is always key, especially if your bar is used during the day and at night. A great bar is organised and has a place for everything.”


After taking care of all the “grown up” things, the fun part of finding and buying accessories happens.

“Again, size dependent, but a fridge, a bin and a sink are ideal for any home bar. And of course a great sound system!” says Bond.

Another thing that every Threaded Man should keep in mind as well is staying with the trends. Bond says, “Home bars can be anything from a concealed unit, with everything integrated to an entire space dedicated to the bar. Interesting finishes are being used for tops, islands and splash backs like bronze, coppers and marbles. Decorative lighting and pendants can also make a statement, and become a standout feature.”

So once all the hard work is completed, all you need to do is “drink up.”

Written by : Sasha Forbes

Pictures : Sasha Forbes