When it comes to fashion it’s important that you have the very basics that will form the foundation of your individual style. Many of us focus too much on the high-end, trendy items and we forget that we first need to invest in the basics. These elements don’t change with the seasons, and they should be a staple part of your wardrobe.


White Pull -Over


You can never own too many white tees or pull overs! They form the base for any outfit – whether it’s summer or winter. It’s the perfect shirt for the chilly season because the cotton is breathable, which makes layering easy and comfortable. It’s a good idea to have a selection of both V-neck and round neck designs. This Adidas Originals pull over is the bests in Summer I can wear it alone and in winter I can layer it up.




Denim is another must-have fashion item. To have a versatile style you need a number of good quality jeans in different colours, such as blue, grey, and black. What I find works for most guys, is having tapered straight leg jeans, as they fit better without being skinny. Quality jeans are great investment pieces as they last for years and age exceptionally well.


Oxford Shirts


A plain white, textured and button-down Oxford shirt is essential! Having these in your wardrobe means you can wear them to a variety of functions, from the office to semi-formal occasions and casual functions. It’s key that you find a shirt that’s the right length, so that when you wear it casually it still looks good. Find great Oxford shirts at an affordable price at T.M. Lewin.


Polo Shirts


When you want a smart casual look, without having to wear a shirt and tie, then a polo shirt is the perfect option. They’re an essential inclusion to your style, as they can easily be worn on a casual work day.


Socks and Underwear

SA Menswear Week Backstage Day 2

These days it’s hard to escape the hectic prints and wild colours of socks and underwear, but it’s important to own simple, well-crafted underwear. Have a mixture of nylon underwear, especially if you go to the gym, and have cotton for daily use. Woolworths has a wide range of quality socks and underwear in plain colours.


These items will be stocked in stores all year round, and can be found at affordable prices. They won’t last you forever – especially if you wear them daily – but they are indispensable to your wardrobe. You’ll also see that when you get these basics right, it becomes easier to style yourself in everything else.

Pictures by : Alessio La Ruffa

Tegan Smith