When you bring together a world class venue, top whiskeys and wines, music from a famous rock band, a classic fragrance and the hottest people in Jozi, you have a recipe for magic. The magic of Azzaro!


The French brand recently launched their legendary fragrance the Azzaro Pour Homme. From the moment you entered Churchills you were seduced by the screens playing the Azzaro Pour Homme Campaign featuring Ian Somerhalder, and then you were charmed by Gareth the brand ambassador of Brandhouse – making it a night to indulge.


MG_1278The recognisable Azzaro bottles are decorated with colorful illustrations made by French artist Takeshi. The limited edition design is rendered with sunny orange hues which radiate positive vibes as juicy and refreshing as a nice summer cocktail. The composition blends essential oil of Brazilian orange, Guatemalan cardamom, Paraguayan guaiac wood and Venezuelan tonka bean. United, the notes lend their bright, warm and fruity character to the fragrance.
Bring on the scent of summer!