Words: Xolela Madlanga | Photography: AFI

Adams  Paris took us on an enchanting journey to white sand beaches, clear waters and exotic cocktails on a luxurious island using only one color: pure white accentuated by bold yellow gold accessories.The white lace Marange inspired collection was nothing short of inspired gentle, light, and pretty.

For me it represented all things pure, innocent and fresh. Adama treated us to detailed frill shorts, complex peplum skirts and beautifully fringed shoulders. The playfulness of the ensembles, teasing open backs, delicately fringed waist lines and conservative necklines were definitely delightful.

Adama made brilliant variations of the dress shirt, coming out as unrestrained and airy, a definite favourite of mine. He also gave us energetic flare pants, and even though I am not one for loose pants (dear lord)the tailoring of those pants had me converted.

This range is carefree with a great variety to choose from, guaranteed you will be spoiled for choice, but you be satisfied with whatever you choose.