As The Threaded Man, details mean everything to me. I have always believed that paying attention to the small things can make the biggest difference to how you look.




One of the details that most gents often miss, is the watch. Firstly, it’s essential as it gets you to your meeting, flight or date on time, but it also forms a very important part of your outfit. When you reach out your arm to shake someone’s hand, the thing that stands out is your watch.

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The Threaded Man has partnered up with Titan, the world’s 5th largest wristwatch manufacturer, to help you learn more about this essential accessory.


My focus today is on craftsmanship. What does this mean to you? To me, craftsmanship is about spending time perfecting your craft, and becoming an expert in what you do. It’s about waking up every single day, and taking the necessary steps on your journey towards achieving your goals. It’s about loving what you do, and doing it better every single day.


No matter what you do, your job is your craft, and because a huge part of being The Threaded Man relates to the threads I wear, craftsmanship is also represented by the clothes and accessories that I choose to put on.


One of my favourite suits to wear is this grey one without the blazer. It gives me a feeling of tradition but because of its cut, it still has a modern edge. To match my suit with the right timepiece, I chose the rose gold Titan Orion Chronograph. It has a contemporary design but is elegantly timeless, and with its reliable engineering it gets me to my destination on time.

It’s the perfect watch to wear when you attend your next big meeting, the one that could ultimately change everything in your journey towards craftsmanship.

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