All Images by Luke Bennett and Ricardo Marcus Knipe 

Sergeant Pepper Clothing Company (S.P.C.C) is a well crafted, masculine, full lifestyle denim brand for men, who believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This local brad was founded by Zak Venter in November 2012 and it has been thriving since.  We spoke to Zak Venter to find out more about the brand.

The Founder of S.P.C.C, Zak Venter


Why did you choose that name?
No particular reason, I felt SERGEANT PEPPER was strong and masculine, able to appeal to the fashion aware everyday man.



What kind of customer are the clothes aimed at?
It’s not a particular age or demographic but rather a way of thinking, someone who values authenticity and well made garments, someone who appreciates under stated, clean aesthetic and design, who buy less but better.

How would you describe S.P.C.C clothes?
A good combination of trend and minimalst styling, allowing longevity to the customer in terms of wear. It is hard wearing and well crafted, very processed and well laundered allowing a very authentic and vintage look and feel. The collection is built around premium, high end denim.



Can you tell us a little bit about the production process? Do you make the clothes in-house or do you outsource labour? i.e. pattern-makers and seamstresses.

We have made a decision, as it is growing very rapidly, to outsource production and all elements associated to the process.

What kind of materials do you use and where do you source them?
We only use 100% natural fibers, cotton, tencil, leather and high end denim.



Considering how understated the clothes are, how do you ensure that they are still innovative?
For me innovation is done in the little, almost unseen details. In every garment we ensure to make it simple yet significant!



Please tell us more about your current collection. What inspired it?
It is a very masculine, military inspired collection. The brand appeals to the every day man and our current URBAN MILITARY Campaign speaks to the courageous and bold individual who chase their dreams and give courage to others around them.

Where can people find the clothes?

They can purchase S.P.C.C directly online at or from many multi-brand and department stores around South Africa, Mexico, Europe, United Kingdom and New York City.



What else can we expect from S.P.C.C. in 2017?
We are very excited about that fact that we have just been signed along side G-Star Raw as the new lifestyle denim brand that Markham and Relay jeans will be rolling out in their new nation-wide denim concept stores. This will allows us to bring the S.P.C.C brand to more people around SA, within a well curated, dynamic environment.


Ricardo and Siya dressed in S.P.C.C