A kitchen is the heart of all homes. However, creating that perfect space requires a few magic touches. If you are thinking about re-designing, there are a few things that you need to consider.

We sat down with Megan Bond from Blok’s design team, who shared some tips that will ensure your kitchen exudes that stylish, masculine and sophisticated look that is a “Threaded Man”.

“When re-designing or designing your kitchen, you need to make sure of three things – your space needs to be functional, of good quality and should have the right lighting. Incorporating these three elements ensures that you not only have a stylish space but that it also promotes maximum efficiency, “ Bond suggests.


However, when one thinks “functionality” you tend to think “not very trendy” – no one wants that. Keeping the colour palette of your cabinet doors neutral may seem boring but it’s just that that allows you to explore different trends with the rest of your kitchen’s finishes.

Bond recommends being daring with your walls and worktops, “For example, you could paint your walls a bold colour if you want to make more of a statement. Playing with interesting materials, colours and textures in splashbacks and worktops will give your kitchen more character.”


Being a man’s man though, you don’t want to be trending under the “trendiest mommy’s kitchens” list; you want your kitchen to say: “A man cooks here”.

Using a darker palette, perhaps more streamlined with a touch of stainless steel, is always the manlier option. “I say, avoid awkward and unnecessary corners. Let your kitchen breathe a little and don’t go overboard with the storage on the walls,” advises Bond.


Then, leaving the best for last, the thing that let’s everyone see your kitchen in all its glory – lighting.

A balance of task and ambient lighting should be the most important element. Besides needing to see what you are doing in your kitchen, lighting creates a warm atmosphere leaving the kitchen in first place when it comes to being the heart of the home.

written by Sasha Forbes, Content Producer for Blok.

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