Masego ‘Maps’ Maponyane is one of South Africa’s most recognised models and TV personalities. His charm and wit has ladies across South Africa swooning. How does he do it? Maps gives The Threaded Man the inside scoop on his grooming regime and how to achieve that Maps magic…


What is your daily grooming regime?

I floss, brush my teeth, wash my face, ensuring that I always moisturise afterwards, comb my hair, trim my facial hair and end it off with a couple sprays of cologne.

What are your favourite scents right now?

Well it’s summer – so I prefer light and fresh fragrances during the day.

What skincare products do you use?

Actually, I like to keep it simple and natural. I use a non-fragrance face wash and a natural moisturiser with an SPF of at least 15. I try to exfoliate once a week or so with bicarbonate soda granules and olive oil.


How important is grooming for your style?

It’s essential. Grooming is the icing on the cake and tops off whatever style I’m going for. Generally, I like an element of neatness – no matter what my look. So that goes for my grooming to then – I need to ensure I keep my grooming clean and on par with my style.

What grooming tips can you give for our Threaded Men for summer?

The key and most important thing is to remember your sunscreen between 15-30 SPF because, despite the popular belief, black also cracks. Other than that, always opt to wash your face with cold water as opposed to hot water in order to refresh the cells and tighten the pores which works to re-energise the your face. When it comes to your hair, keep it short and trimmed, easy to maintain and perfect for summer.