Words: Red Mosiane

Say goodbye to the same old monotonous recycled faces and hello to the new class of influencers about to take over. Micro-influencers are basically influencers with actual influence. This is due to their lower follower counts and relatively better quality content but higher engagement ratio. Locally, an effective Micro-Influencer can be classified as someone with 1,000 to 25,000 followers on one or more social media accounts, namely Instagram and/or Twitter. Here are a few local fashion micro-influencers you are probably going to see a lot more of this year.

1) @DesireMarea and @FelaGucci

Desire Marea (aka Buyani Duma) and FelaGucci (aka Santu Ramaisa) make up the queer-concerned performance art duo known as FAKA. They are known for their bold gender and boundary-breaking fashion and have captured the attention of brands and consumers alike. With 3,801 & 2,655 Instagram followers respectively, they have created their own lane and will only continue to flourish in it.

2) @NeoNoHetero

Neo Baepi is a photographer making waves for both the images she captures and what’s behind the camera. She has begun to carve out a reputation for herself by being an outspoken advocate for human rights while delivering great shots at fashion week. Neo’s 2,807 Instagram followers and 3,539 Twitter followers like her for her versatility and that’s why brands are also starting to take notice.

3) @BambathaJones

Mongezi Mcelu is a DJ and co-founder of artist development agency, Nobody Else Creative Agency and he’s known for both the visuals he creative directs and the work he’s done – his work pursuing his passion to uplift fellow black creatives. He’s currently at 2,886 followers on Instagram but with his skills being recognized more as of late, that is sure to rise.

4) @Teekay_M

Thato Mahapa is a young law student and blogger. His sartorial personal style and healthy beard has been gradually gaining attention with those who do or aspire to look the same. Currently at 3, 536 Instagram followers, his audience is small but effective with more brands coming to him to share his message.

5) @PalesaKgasane

Palesa is the Founder, Editor and Creative Director of The Mzansi Moodboard. She is passionate about celebrating and showcasing young creatives of colour through collaboration and storytelling which is exactly what both her and her brainchild publication are garnering attention for. Currently at 8,521 Instagram followers, the young content creator is definitely on the rise.

6) @SydneyDavy and @Willestilios

Sydney and William are basically all their followers’ Gen-Z couple goals in real life. She’s an aspiring model and makeup artist while he’s an aspiring rapper. William is sitting at 9,415 Instagram followers and Sydney at over 16,000 but their joint quintessential coolkid aesthetic is what’s already roping brands in.

7) @ZolFreckles

Zoliswa is currently a fashion student but should look familiar. Her striking face has been all over the internet for a few years but for some reason has only recently begun to see the fruits of her labour. Zol is now at over 21,200 Instagram followers meaning that she’s about to break the threshold but it will definitely be a rise worth watching