In collaboration with Flying Fish we are at SA Menswear Week bringing you all the action and the latest trends from the runway. At fashion week the focus is the clothes but beyond that the focus is also on men’s grooming, we met up with MAC South Africa senior artist Keagan Cafun to tell us how we can amplify our skin in just 5 minutes.




The first step to amplifying your skin is to boost the moisture using a light weight cream with an SPF of 15 or above. This is to make sure that the skin is well balanced so that its not shiny or dry. MAC has the Fix Plus which you use before you apply any lotion on your face so that you can calm the skin .  After you use the fix plus you can use a cream, Keagan recommends that you use your hands to apply the cream so that you can get a cleaner look and not miss any spots.

The Foundation


Amongst men its still seen as a taboo to use any sort of make up, Keagan expresses that men can use foundation to touch up spots that need to be smoothed into the skin. This can be a pimple or a skin irritation, he recommends the Pro-Long Nourishing Water Proof Foundation. This foundation is great because you can also hide dark spots under your eyes.

Don’t Chap


The next step is taking care of your lip, most men think that face lotions also look after your lips but the truth is they don’t. Most man don’t pay attention to this and thats why they have chapped lips, Keagan suggests you use e a lip conditioner as it doesn’t create a glossy texture.

With these quick and easy steps there is no reason you shouldn’t look your best!


Thank you MAC for the tips!

Pictures by : Gidion Felix

Brought to you in Collaboration With : FlyingFish_Ft