Getting your summer wardrobe ready is no simple task. Finding yur way between all the new colours, styles and trends can be quite daunting. Don’t stress! We’ve put together  daring trends that we recommend – whether you are in Cape Town enjoying the beach or strutting your stuff in Johannesburg’s inner city.


Print It


Prints have never really been off the radar, but this summer you’re in for a great new printed trend. Try digital and florals prints or a combination of the two for those who are particularly daring. Too many prints can be overpowering, so keep it classy. For the signature Threaded man look wear one print at a time to exude a tasteful, stylish edge.


Pair with your printed shirt or pants with other items by using the print item colours as your lead. If you printed shirt has a lot of olive, it will be a good bet to pair it with olive or burgundy trousers.


Short Shorts


Be bold this summer and take some fashion risks. We challenge you to try short shorts – but ensure you buy ones that have a great cut and fit well.


Wearing shorts shorts can be liberating and a confidence booster. Show off those muscular legs and impress the the ladies. Just remember that when you are wearing short shorts, you shouldn’t wear a t-shirt that is too long or it might seem like you are wearing a skirt.


The Oversized Tee


Extended Tees are the must-haves of the season. Loose and relaxed, they subtly stand out against ubiquitous slim-fit tees while simultaneously keeping you cool in the heat. Extended white tees give your outfit a street style edge. You can even wear the extended tees in smart casual outfits – giving your semi-formal look a confident edge.